What Our Winery Clients Say About Nexternal

We're not the only ones talking about our enterprise-level service and support.

Find Out First-Hand Why We Have Over 300 Wine Industry Clients

Our goal at TrueCommerce Nexternal is to provide the best shopping cart software and expert customer support in the eCommerce industry. Many of our clients have given us permission to share their feedback and testimonials on our website. We’re thrilled with what they have to say about the TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce platform and our team. We hope their experiences will give you a sense of how we can help you grow your online wine sales, too.

Here's What They're Saying...

Tara Bella Winery & Vineyard

“Order Processing has become such a breeze, along with the Catalog Management. After my account manager held my hand and walked me through the set up process, I was able to grasp the concepts and proceed on my own. Most of the reporting is easy to use and suits my needs. Again, once Pamela walked me through the process... I have been able to manage this easily on my own. My account manager is a marketing GENIUS..... Her thought process is extraordinary.... with the ability to transfer her ideas succinctly.

Almost all of the people I have talked to have had only positive comments on the ease of ordering. Because of the "Review Reminder" that goes out 30 days after an order is placed, we have received many positive reviews from our customers... Love it! ”

—Wendy Morrow

Tara Bella Winery

Pisoni Family Vineyards

“Nexternal is doing a great job of meeting our online business needs. They are extremely reliable for our customer security, order processing, and our reporting. By working with Nexternal, we were able to customize our shopping cart for better convenience of the consumer- therefore creating a better experience for the shopper. We now receive much positive feedback about the layout of our shopping cart.

Our customer service representative has done a fantastic job of working with us on our account. She was thoughtful, informative and patient with our needs while we redesigned our shopping cart. Regarding work during the remainder of the year on more standard matters, she is always available and has proven to be responsive very quickly on urgent matters. This assistance has given much reassurance in Nexternal's reliability. We see our direct sales increase on a yearly basis. We suppose this may be from a variety of reasons, but one part the definitely contributes is the ever-evolving technology that Nexternal works with.”

—Jeff Pisoni

Pisoni Family Vineyards

Lewis Cellars

“The Order Management System is the only system to ever thoroughly meet our needs. From the hip, I can say that monthly sales are up 30-40% over prior months since switching to Nexternal's eCommerce Platform.

The system is intuitive, simple and effective. We're very happy with it. The Tell-A-Friend application is excellent! We don't get much feedback about the storefront from customers, but when we do, it's always very positive. My interpretation is that people are very satisfied with the process - otherwise we'd be getting negative feedback; e.g. "no news is good news."

Order confirmation and shipping confirmation e-mails are professional looking and contribute to customers' comfort level and satisfaction with the purchase and the overall shopping experience. Again, this is a well thought-out, simple, and user-friendly shopping environment. Nexternal is providing a virtual storefront that complements and enhances our brand and identity as an ultra-premium winery.

Our Account Executive is the most capable and responsive account rep - from every vendor and industry - that I have ever worked with, period. He's quick to diagnose, research and/or resolve every issue I throw at him and his timely, professional response is greatly valued. He continues to be a great resource for improvements and new ideas in addition to solving problems or identifying potential solutions to them. He has contributed significantly to our success. And, notwithstanding the above comments, which are sincere, he's just a darn nice guy to work with; with equal parts of technical and interpersonal skill.”

—Dennis Bell

Lewis Cellars


“Nexternal has been so user friendly and it truly meets all of our online needs as a business! The order processing is so quick and efficient which make the 60-order days a breeze. Bulk ordering is also so easy and even though I have over 1,200 orders going in in a single day, I don't have to worry about whether or not someone's order was placed after I'm done. Reports are quick to generate and include all necessary information so that I can do my job more efficiently. Products can be added or taken off of your online store in seconds! Nexternal has made our job of updating our online store keeping up with orders so easy.

As a company, we have used other order processing portals. None of them compare to the clean and professional look of Nexternal. The site itself is easy to navigate and the layout is user friendly for people of all ages! We have had comments about how beautiful our website is and how easy it is to place an order and that's because Nexternal has made it so easy to keep up-to-date.

I can't rave enough about the customer service we have received from Nexternal! Our Account Executive is unbelievable! Her response time is amazingly fast. There have been days we have been on the phone for over an hour and she stays calm, polite, attentive, and friendly the entire time! Any time, I even have so much as a question about Nexternal, she has been knowledgeable and helpful! We get emails whenever there is an update on Nexternal which helps us to stay aware of any changes that are made. We couldn't ask for more quality customer service.

Our direct sales have increased greatly since launching with Nexternal. Online ordering has increased by at least 80%. It truly makes all the difference. We went from a general, old-style website to Nexternal and we were so surprised to see the difference! It went from looking like a homemade web page to a sophisticated, professional site that people wanted to be on! The orders started flowing and haven't stopped since!”

Kayla Barhorst

Veritas Vineyard & Winery

Bargetto Winery

“Bargetto Winery recently went through the process of creating a new website that incorporated three brands into one family brand website. We needed a shopping cart that was capable of accommodating a wide array of product categorizations and sub-categorization all the while remaining easy for our customers to navigate. We also wanted a platform that would allow us to configure a variety of sales promotions and that had additional features that would encourage add-on sales. Nexternal provides these features and there is an ongoing effort to add new functionalities...they do a good job of keeping up with the ever-changing trends of the online marketplace.

Another goal of ours with the new website build was to make the interchange between our website and shopping cart seamless for our customers. We wanted our shopping cart to have the same look and feel as our website. With our Nexternal Account Representative acting as our liaison we were able to work with the Nexternal web design team to create a shopping cart that captured the esthetics of our website. The work by the design team exceeded our expectations and was done quickly and for an affordable price.

From what we can tell the new shopping cart is working as intended. We have not had any issues of customers contacting us with questions about how to place an online order...whereas in the past it was not uncommon to have customers complain about difficulties in navigating our shopping cart or locating certain products.

With the new site up and running we have found the Account Managers at Nexternal to be very prompt in responding to and assisting with our questions and needs. The level of support they have provided to us has been invaluable and makes us feel like they are part of our team.”

Luke Pabich

Bargetto Winery

Acme Fine Wines

“Nexternal came very highly recommended to ACME Fine Wines when we began our quest for an order management system. It wasn't until we did extensive research on the competition that we realized Nexternal was the right choice for our boutique wine shop's needs. Reporting capabilities are extensive and results are concise both of which are extremely useful for our needs. Order processing is simple which allows us more time to sell, our main directive.

Our customers rave about the ease of navigation while shopping and processing orders and for us, Nexternal's eye on customer service adds one more reason they are the perfect choice for our online order management needs. In the beginning stages of the website building/merging, we weren't sure if the process would be easily navigated without distraction, but having the shopping cart in plain view at all times makes the experience quick and leaves no surprises at the checkout.

What Nexternal offers by way of product support, enhancements, updates and responsiveness is next to genius. Our small business relies on quick, knowledgeable and friendly customer service to help us stand apart from other boutique wine shops and we feel that Nexternal matches our needs for those same qualities. The ability to be able to speak with a live person during business hours is imperative and somewhat of a dying enterprise, but not so with Nexternal. The use of webinars to help in the learning process is key. We, as a team, use them to familiarize ourselves with processes before implementing and they are quite valuable. ”

Karen Williams

Acme Fine Wines

The Williamsburg Winery Limited

“Working with the Nexternal team has been nothing short of amazing. They are responsive, immediately, to any concerns we may have and outline very clearly the steps we can take to best implement their sales solutions. Their product has served our company well and the support staff does a tremendous job making us comfortable with our new online sales environment. Bravo to Nexternal!

Matthew Burns

Williamsburg Winery

Moffett and CT Cellars

“I believe Nexternal has the best shopping cart in the business. The order management system is excellent, order processing is fast and easy, product catalog management is simple to set up and the reporting is very detailed. Using Nexternal's software has increased my sales and my understanding of my clients.

As for customer service, I couldn't be more pleased. Everyone I've worked with understands the system inside and out and has been extremely helpful. My contact has gone out of her way to help me through the start up process and has made it fun and easy.”

Trent Moffett

Moffett Vineyards and C&T Cellars

Blue Rock

“Blue Rock has been using Nexternal for 2 years for our direct to consumer orders. I have been very satisfied with Nexternal. The initial set-up is time consuming, but there is tremendous flexibility in programming product discounts, customer based pricing, coupons; and Nexternal easily interfaces with QuickBooks, ShipCompliant, MailChimp, if that's what you are using.

Processing credit card charges and transmitting orders to your fulfillment house is super easy. There are numerous reports available to track your sales, including sales tax reports, re-order rates, top customers, etc.

Nexternal also makes processing Wine Club shipments simple and leads you right through the process including notification of the customers whose credit cards have expired.

The aspect of Nexternal that I find the most valuable is the outstanding customer support provided. Our contact and has worked closely with us so we utilize all features of Nexternal that will make our business easier. Either she or one of the Nexternal customer service techs is ALWAYS available to answer our questions. When I have had occasion to contact a tech via the Nexternal help link, I get an IMMEDIATE response - and I mean immediate. I have had Nexternal techs phone me on Sunday afternoon regarding an inquiry.

We've found Nexternal to be much more reasonably priced than many other OMS programs that are not nearly as comprehensive or flexible. For us another advantage is that unlike some other OMS programs on the market Nexternal is not packed with a bunch of functions that are of no use to us, so we are not paying for features that are irrelevant to our business. ”

Janet Texas

Blue Rock Vineyard

Noble Estate Vineyard and Winery

“Nexternal has streamlined our eCommerce and wine club sales. We started using Nexternal to make running our wine club more efficient and effective. As a Wine Club grows so do the challenges. Nexternal's Order Management System allows us to manage all aspects of our wine clubs - from placing orders to tracking shipments to contacting customers to creating reports. It's user-friendly and if I have a question or suggestion, there's always someone to help.

Our Account Manager is wonderful. She's always available and ready to help with questions and solutions. She's great at working with us to find the best ways to integrate our programs, test new eCommerce marketing options, and take advantage of new features.

We had such a positive experience using Nexternal for our wine club, we added eCommerce shortly after. Setting up eCommerce on our website, our account manager was great about helping us figure out what makes the online shopping experience most convenient to our customers.

I appreciate having shipping, multiple eCommerce platforms, credit card processing, and customer email all integrated. As soon as an order is placed we get a message and within a matter of minutes the order can be processed, shipping labels and packing slips printed, the customer is emailed confirmation, and the order is ready to go out the door.”

Amy Shadell

Noble Estate Vineyard & Winery

Westport Rivers

“Nexternal's eCommerce software is set up in such a way that anyone can utilize it. I am not that skilled in computer use, but the system and support provided by those at Nexternal more than make up for my inadequacies.

Order Processing is so easy it's scary! It's actually easier to process orders through the Order Management System than it is face to face with customers or if they were to call on the telephone. I love checking orders daily and processing is a snap! Product Management is great, there are a few "ins & outs" that I needed help with at first, but my Nexternal representative is the best, he really held my hand and guided me along, plus he's so accessible; never further than a quick phone call away.

Our Account Executive is a credit to your company and one of the most approachable and helpful individuals I've ever spoken to. He not only knows your system in and out, but he is so well versed on everything that pertains to eCommerce, shipping, marketing and customer service.”

Craig J. Caesar

Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery


“My experience with Nexternal has been exceptional. The Order Management System integrated seamlessly with my website and the use and management of it is intuitive and problem free. Transitioning to running wine club automatically with Nexternal turned a very labor intensive process into a total joy. I have also recently integrated my POS system with Nexternal and that process was also flawless and improved our work-flow tenfold. The biggest joy was working with my Account Manager. Her expertise in the wine business and her unbelievable diligence made a very complicated process seem easy and downright enjoyable. I believe Nexternal's commitment to customer service and product support is unmatched in not only the wine industry but probably any industry. I highly recommend transitioning to Nexternal and I would be happy to talk with any future customers.”

Sara Gummere



“Nexternal provides Hanzell with the tools to customize our sales technique to suit our model. We don't encourage much involvement in the process from our customers, but rather we use Nexternal to organize and execute our releases as pre-arranged allocations of each wine are automatically shipped to each collector. The solution is effective for what is probably an unusual approach in winery direct-sales, and we chose Nexternal for this reason and the low percentage of revenue collected from executing the sales from the back-end. Nexternal handles our needs perfectly well. It allows us to efficiently handle our growth and to provide top-notch customer service."

Michael Terrien

Hanzell Vineyards