Offering Everything Your Brand Needs to be Successful Online

Branding, marketplace integrations, and all the tools you need to sell online

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Beautifully Branded, Custom Designed Stores

We don't force you into predesigned store templates. Our design engineers work with your existing website to keep your branding and experience consistent. If your homepage uses responsive design, we'll configure your store accordingly. The shopping experience our software creates for your customers is second to none (for both PC and mobile shoppers).

Flexible & Familiar B2B Ordering

One of the many great things about our eCommerce platform is that you can use the same system for both B2B and B2C transactions. Our advanced customer segmentation capability allows you to control product pricing, product visibility, discounts, and billing options all by customer type. It even comes with built-in customer relationship management tools. Would you like to generate quotes? No problem. Selling to distributors and retailers is simple and the interface they use to purchase will feel very familiar. Your outside sales reps can use our B2B mobile ordering application to capture order in the field or at tradeshows.

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Advanced Amazon Marketplace Integration is by far the biggest online retailer in the world and still growing at an astounding rate. We make it easy for you to sell successfully on Amazon. Inventory is kept in sync and best of all, orders placed in Amazon are automatically pulled into your Nexternal Order Management System so that you can process them quickly and keep your Amazon account in good standing. So many consumers today start their shopping session at Amazon. You can't afford not to be there.

Connect to Your Customers with Marketing Tools Galore

There are many ways shoppers might find your site and our software assists with them all. Be it email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, marketplaces, or affiliate traffic you'll have the tools built into your Nexternal backend to capitalize on all of these channels.

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Real-Time Visibility

The reporting found in our Order Management System is nothing short of amazing. You can execute thousands of combinations of queries and limit a report based on the results of those queries. Find the data to support your big business decisions, discover trends, and stay on top of everything with just a few clicks.

And so much more...

Our development team has been adding features to our eCommerce platform since Nexternal began in 1999. If you're looking for a specific feature, there's a good chance that we've got it. This page attempts to list them all out. Of course, if you give us a call, we can help you quickly determine if Nexternal will fulfill your needs.